Baby's Jellicle Hang Out

Just down the street from the Jellicle Junkyard is Baby's Jellicle Hang Out, the place where all the Jellicles want to be.


Welcome to Baby's new hang out, I'm just moving in and have LOTS of work to do here but please be patient and I'll get it back up and running as soon as I can.


The original Hang Out opened in 1999 and remained open until October 2009 when Yahoo closed all of their Geocities websites. Since then life has happened and I've never been able to find a suitably (or simple) website builder that I liked enough to rebuild the Hang Out. Hopefully this website will work out. If you would like to prowl around my original site here is the link: 


Original Site


Thank you for stopping by and if you'd like to contact me please emails me at