Tigress' Dreams

Over the years I have had many dreams about CATS, here are just a few. **Please note that many more dreams will be added to this page one I am able to access my Microsoft Word program again.**

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This morning just before I woke up I dreamed that I had just caught the end of a TV show. It was night and one gentlemen was leaning out a window of what looked like a food truck and he was talking to an older gentlemen with glasses. 


They said their goodbyes and they showed a closeup of the older gentlemen and he reminded me of Skimbleshanks. In fact I remember thinking in the dream that perhaps that man had played Skimble when he was younger. 


Then they showed the man at the food truck again only this time Mistoffelees and Skimbleshanks were with him. Then all of the male cats came out and stood there in a group not saying a word. They all lifted up their right hands, as if to sing a high note only in this case it meant, "We've had enough!" They all lowered their hands and turned and walked away. 


Their faces were all painted like different CATS but their costumes were all the same. The front torso was painted but the backs and legs weren't. The lycra was gray and I remember thinking that they would have been a lot cooler looking had they finished painting the costumes