My Fan Fics

If you have a CATS fan fic you’d like me to post please email it to me and remember to keep them family friendly. No hard core (sexual) stories allowed.



Secrets of a Stranger By: Tigress
The Jellicle Tribe welcomes a new member into the tribe.
Secrets of a Stranger.doc
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Broadway CATS Is Closing by Thespia.doc
This story does not belong to me and I do not know Thespia to ask her permission to post it. I read this story many years ago when I first got into CATS and fell in love with it. It took me MANY, MANY years to find it again and when I did the website where I had found it was closed. Needless to say that when I finally found a copy of it I saved it to my heard drive so that I would be able to read it again one day.

To Thespia: forgive me for posting your story w/o permission. If you find this and want me to take it down please let me know.
Broadway CATS Is Closing by Thespia.doc
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**NEW** The Fat Opossum By: Tigress
Find out if the fat opossum in the driveway was a good omen or not.
Fat Opossum.doc
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