Who is Baby?

In Loving Memory of "Mommy's Baby" June 28, 1988 -- November 24, 2000.
In Loving Memory of "Mommy's Baby" June 28, 1988 -- November 24, 2000.

You are probably wondering 'Who is Baby?'. 


She was my cat; she was 13 in human years and was half Persian and half Siamese.


When I first got her, back in August of 1988 she was about six weeks old and was the sweetest ball of fluff you ever saw and she fit in the palm of my hand.


It took me awhile before I came up with a name that I really liked and that totally fit her but then it came to me, BABY! That was it and it did fit her.


She was the funniest cat growing up and smart too. She use to play with the rings off the milk jugs and paper balls that she would bat all over the house.


What was really funny was when I would throw a paper ball across the room and cup another one in my hand. When she would go after the first one I would tease her with the second ball. When she decided she would go after it she would hunker down on the floor, wiggle her butt, then run towards me. Then just as she was about to reach me I would throw the ball into the air and she would jump up and knock it across the room, she looked like she was playing basketball.


And she would fetch too. I could throw a paper ball across the room and she would bring it back to me! Whenever she wanted to play with her (paper) balls she would go and get them. Of course she knew where they were because she kept her toys in her food dish. 


She truly was my Baby and I loved her so much. When she died I cried for several days. I still miss her but about six weeks after she passed on I got two new Jellicles. Missy & Cece. 



I got Missy and Cece about six weeks after Baby passed 16 years ago and in November 2015 I had to put my Cece down. She had cancer and there was nothing I could do. - I miss her very much as well but I still have my Missy girl.